Alkohol - die (un)bekannte Droge (Alkohol im Alter 1) (German Edition)

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They get separated, and people have to leave behind the books or tools they need for their own art as well as objects they love. When this happens, it is often accompanied by a feeling that something has been lost which can never be found again in a foreign setting.

This something cannot be replaced by material objects such as new apartments, houses or belongings. And so, for people in exile, home and homeland take on radically new meaning. The loss of home and homeland as a consequence of being forced into exile is also a subject dealt with in art. After the Holocaust and since , notions of home and homeland as well as the process of dealing with cultural or national identity have continued to develop. Contemporary research into exile refers to this when it speaks of transnational identity, thus describing the process of crossing the boundaries between nations, languages or religions.

The issue of home and homeland was one that already interested German author Heinrich Heine in the 19 th century, and his work strikes a chord with many people living in exile.

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Is there such a thing as a home you can take with you, something that is always part of your luggage? And how important is language in making us feel at home somewhere?

Stuttgart: Klett Kotta 7. Merzig: Gollenstein Seeba, Hinrich C. In: Exilforschung im historischen Prozess, Exilforschung. Ein internationales Jahrbuch. Louis 4.

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Arts in exile - Homepage Exile Home and homeland Home and homeland. David Ludwig Bloch: Mr. Only fully completed application forms can be considered:. After the selection meeting, the International Office will advise you of the result of your application.

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The Hochschule Niederrhein annually awards the DAAD Prize to a foreign student who has shown particular academic achievements as well as a remarkable social or intercultural commitment. Each faculty can initially nominate a particularly suitable student. The University Executive chooses the Prizewinner.

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How can I finance my studies in Germany? But how to finance these expenses? To find out which programmes are an option for you, please check the Scholarship Database. Earning Money Many students in Germany work part-time during their studies to earn extra money and gain some experience on the labour market.

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