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Series code DOM. The Banishment. In Regency England, Isabella, the eldest of six Beverley daughters, is disappointed to have gone through the London season without becoming engaged. The men were bored by her only interest: Mannerling, the family mansion. Daughters of Mannerling series, book 1. The Intrigue. In nineteenth-century England, the remaining five Beverley sisters continue to pine for the Mannerling mansion their father lost gambling.

Daughter Jessica decides to accomplish what her older sister failed to do: marry the new owner. Daughters of Mannerling series, book 2. Sequel to The Banishment RC The Deception. But not if their governess, Miss Trumble, and a lord smitten with Abigail have any say in the matter. Daughters of Mannerling series, book 3. The Folly. Rachel Beverley, the next sister in line to try to regain the lost family home, Mannerling, hopes to make a good impression on the latest owner, Charles Blackwood.

But Rachel gets off to a bad start when she reprimands him for leaving his children in the charge of a spiteful governess. Daughters of Mannerling series, book 4. Sequel to The Deception RC The Romance. The current owner, Lord St. Clair, is more interested in fashion than in Mannerling bought for him by his father. Belinda tries to develop an interest in him, but St. Daughters of Mannerling series, book 5. The Homecoming. Besides, the haughty duke of Severnshire certainly has no intention of courting Lizzie!

Daughters of Mannerling series, book 6. Sequel to The Romance RC With Hope. Oklahoma, s. The only joy in her life seems to be her married neighbor Tom Dolan and his young, abused son.

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Dolan Family series, book 1. Some descriptions of sex. With Song. Kansas, Federal agent Hod Dolan knows who the killers are, and Molly risks her life to help capture them. Dolan Family series, book 2. Companion to With Hope RC With Heart. Tillison County, Oklahoma; When her work threatens to expose a local conspiracy, the newswoman faces peril. Dolan Family series, book 3. Strong language and some descriptions of sex.

The Bird in the Tree. In the s, Damerosehay, a charming old house on the Hampshire coast, and a close-knit family are threatened when the grandson and daughter-in-law of the owner fall in love and plan to marry. Eliot Family series, book 1. At the end of World War Two Grandmother Lucilla, still charming at eight-six, remains the dominant figure of the Eliot family.

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Nearly every one of her children and grandchildren is left with some problem which she manages to solve with some benevolent scheming. Eliot Family series, book 2. The Heart of the Family. An Austrian refugee, once a famous pianist, is the mysterious character in this novel about the charming Eliot family who live in the lovely English countryside.

Eliot Family series, book 3. Plantation Trilogy series by Gwen Bristow. Series code PLT. Deep Summer. In the s, fifteen-year-old Judith Sheramy is traveling to Louisiana with her family when she meets up with Philip Larne. Her family settles nearby and her brother soon marries a Cuban woman.

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During the following decades the families are altered by illness and infidelity, but the plantations survive. Plantation Trilogy series, book 1. Some strong language and some violence. Handsome Road.

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Dolores had one son with plantation owner Caleb Sheramy and, after that marriage failed, another with dockworker Thad Upjohn. Then the Civil War changes everything.

Plantation Trilogy series, book 2. This Side of Glory. Kester meets his distant relative Eleanor Upjohn and the two fall in love, much to the dismay of both families.

see url Plantation Trilogy series, book 3. Sea Swept. Ray and Stella Quinn take in three boys, Cameron, Phillip, and Ethan, from various troubled backgrounds and raise them as a family. Just before he dies, Ray takes in Seth, another young fledgling. Suddenly the older Quinns must make major lifestyle changes. Quinn Brothers series, book 1. She was not a prisoner in her father's house, after all, though she often felt like one.

Papa and Domenic could not control her every move, she told herself in defiance. Surely she need not take her bodyguards just to go chat for a few moments with dear old Father Vincent. Without a backward glance, she left the wide doorway, startling the kitchen staff. No one would question her if she acted as though she knew what she was doing, she thought as she marched off, heart pounding.

At first she walked away from the house, then she picked up her pace, crossing the landscaped lawn toward the tall, spiky wrought-iron fence that surrounded the front section of her father's property. Beyond it was another fence made of men, blue-uniformed soldiers who lined the perimeter of the palazzo. Allegra strode faster, every step filling her with rising tension, almost a desperation to escape, as if she would suffocate under all the hypocrisy and greed if she remained inside the palazzo one minute longer.

She was almost running by the time she reached the edge of her father's property, her face flushed, heart racing. Most of the soldiers knew who she was, of course, and would surely find it highly irregular for the governor's daughter to leave the palazzo unattended, but she reminded herself these men were trained to take orders. If any of them questioned her, she would make some excuse and put him in his place if necessary.

Somehow she would brazen her way past them. As it turned out, the task was easier than she'd hoped.

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