Beyond the Furthest Fences

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Dog Enclosure. Any outdoor structure or enclosure used to restrict dogs to a contained yard area.

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Fence s. A fence consisting of chicken wire, deer fence, hog wire, high tensile, wire strands, used in the agricultural, farming and livestock business, specifically for livestock, animal and bird control. Fence, Patio. A privacy fence which fully or partially encloses a patio. Fence, Good Neighbor. A fence constructed of solid or spaced boards, where the face boards are installed at the center of the posts so that the fence looks the same from both sides.

Install, Installation, Installed. To construct, erect, Install, place, or replace over 16 lineal feet Lot - Double Frontage. An interior lot having street frontage on the front and the rear of the lot. Any person, firm, corporation, association or other legal entity.

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Property Owner. A Person that owns or controls real property situated in the City. A frame or structure of open latticework. Vision Clearance Area. Zoning Administrator. The Zoning Administrator of the Department and designees thereof. Permit Required. No Person shall install a Fence in the City without first obtaining a Fence Permit and complying in all respects with the terms and conditions and this Ordinance.

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A Fence Permit shall be valid only for the term of issuance, unless sooner suspended or revoked. A Fence Permit is not required for painting, maintenance, or repair or replacement of less than sixteen 16 lineal feet of a Fence. Permit Application. A Fence Permit application shall be filed with the Department, consisting of the following: 1.

A fully completed Fence Permit application form and payment of full permit fee. A drawing, site plan or plat map displaying property boundaries, the location of the buildings and structures on the property, the proposed location of the Fence and its distances from the existing structures on the property. If the fence is proposed to be installed on rented or leased property, the written consent of the owner s of the property.

Other information as may be required by the Department to assist in the review of the application. Permit Fee. If any Fence is installed, in full or part, prior to the issuance of a permit, five 5 times fees shall be charged for the permit.

The Zoning Administrator shall review, approve and issue the Fence Permit application provided that the application is in compliance with this Ordinance and the standards of this Ordinance for the Fence to be installed have been met. The Fence Permit may contain reasonable conditions stated in the permit.

Fair Dinkum: Douglas Lockwood/Beyond The Furthest Fences: Margaret Ford

Completion of Installation. A Fence authorized by a Fence Permit shall be fully installed in accordance with this Ordinance and permit conditions, within one hundred eighty days of the date of permit issuance. A Fence Permit shall expire one hundred eighty days after the date of issuance. After a Fence Permit expires, no work requiring such a permit shall be commenced, resumed or undertaken until a new permit is issued or the original permit is extended.

The permit applicant may file a written request for an extension of the Fence Permit stating the reason for the request, for up to one hundred eighty additional days to complete the Fence Installation. The Zoning Administrator, In administering this Code, shall grant the request if good cause is shown. Responsibility of Department. The Department, through the Zoning Administrator, shall: 1. Review and issue Fence Permits where the application is in compliance with this Ordinance. May issue reasonable site specific conditions. May waive or reduce vision clearance requirements where: a.

Traffic can safely approach and enter the intersection, alley, driveway or street given existing traffic control devices or other physical conditions of the area; or, b. Topographic conditions are so extreme or building structures exist such that it is not practical to provide required vision clearance. May inspect the Fence for compliance with this Ordinance and the Permit; 5. Shall enforce this Ordinance with the assistance of the City Attorney. Responsibility of Applicant The applicant is solely responsible for installing the Fence: 1.

Within the boundaries of their property determined by survey, in compliance with this Ordinance and the Permit, including, but not limited to, proper materials, height, setback and vision clearance.

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In compliance with any subdivision covenants or restrictions, deed restrictions, utility easement restrictions, land use restrictions of record, including applicable plan review and approval, or waiver requirements. In a manner as will not obstruct storm water drainage, violate a City approved storm water plan' or unreasonably divert storm water on the property of another. General Requirements.

No Fence shall be installed, except in strict compliance with this Ordinance, site specific permit conditions, and the following requirements: 1. Structural and support components of a Fence shall face away from adjacent properties. Fences shall be installed with the finished side facing the adjacent property or public right-of-way, and the Fence posts must be located on the inside of the Fence facing -the property on which the Fence is located, except when the style of Fence commonly described as a "Good Neighbor Fence" is installed.

Fences shall be installed plumb and the top finish of the Fence shall be uniform. Fences shall follow the contour of the ground to the extent practical. Adjustments for grade shall occur at the bottom of the Fence. The height of the Fence shall be controlled by the applicable provisions of the City Zoning Ordinance for the district In which the Fence will be located.

Fence height shall be measured from the surface of the ground immediately below the Fence.

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Berms, retaining walls or other methods to raise the elevation of the site shall require approval by the Department prior to installation. The project site shall be marked by Diggers Hotline before digging holes for Fence installation.

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No Fence In the Vision Clearance Area shall exceed three 31 feet in height above the mean street grade. The height of walls and Fences shall be measured vertically from the finished grade on the exterior side of the Fence. Raising the finished grade by placing fill solely for the purpose of adding additional height to a Fence is prohibited. If a Fence Is placed on a berm, the berm shall be included In the height of the fence and the height shall be measured vertically from the base of the berm, unless said Fence is approved in conjunction with a Conditional Use Permit Site Plan Review, or an exception is granted by the Zoning Board of Appeals.

All Fences shall be no closer than six 6 inches to the public sidewalk. No Fence shall be installed in any yard that will shield any window or opening in a habitable space of a dwelling. A minimum distance of three 31 feet shall be maintained between any solid Fence and any such window or opening in a dwelling. All modifications to an existing Fence shall comply with this Ordinance. Turn off more accessible mode. Sign In. Skip to Main Content. Sacramento County. Code Enforcement. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled.

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