Buying a Music Keyboard or Digital Piano: A Basic Guide

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If you see it as Yamaha P B, the B only refers to the color black. I leave you this good review video:. A very valid alternative from a pioneer in the manufacture of digital pianos. He's got voice polyphony that's not bad at all. We remind you that polyphony is how many notes can sound at once. Comes with sustain pedal and supports triple bottom bracket. It stands out a lot in terms of touch, because it uses Roland's technology of 5 intensities and has a very recommendable Grand Piano sound.

Buying a Digital Piano Guide 6 Tips for Finding the Right One

It competes with the P mainly in touch, which is very pleasant and reminds a lot of an acoustic piano. And it also has 11W speakers that are the most powerful on the market in its range. This can save you from carrying an extra amp in your small-format live shows. It is a portable electronic piano, it comes without support and you have to buy it separately.

Top 6 Digital Pianos For Beginner Keyboards Under £500!

Or you can use any table you have with the right height. Its price is quite competitive for the quality of its sound and its Hammer Action keys. So it can also be used as a MIDI controller. Its 5-intensity Hammer Action is very powerful. It is not easy to choose between a Yamaha and a Roland FP 30 because although the Yamaha wins in polyphony the Roland is ahead in other things it also has a built-in microphone.

We analysed these differences in our review of the Roland FP Although for this portable piano it is never too much to see it in Amazon which is its direct competitor:. These videos are also mounted in an ideal environment. See how the piano sound is heard in a street performance. Quite powerful and this makes many people opt for the Roland FP 30 directly.

Admits batteries and weighs 1 kg less. Don't miss my review of this keyboard which is the continuation of the Casio CDP but in the background are different. Casio keyboards are also a very important option to keep in mind.

Piano and keyboard buying guide

Especially this very popular model that is a direct rival of the Yamaha P, the Roland FP 30 and the kawai ES that we will see a little below. The c asio PX is an key Hammer Action electronic piano that also serves as a stage piano because it has a line output to connect to any mixer or PA.

The Casio PX has been released for sale but is not yet for sale in many places in Europe. It has a polyphony of voices that is worth to play any play and we also like it very much that it serves as a stage piano thanks to its line output as the Yamaha P It has MIDI and supports triple pedalboard with what is valid for any professional and any conservatory level.

It comes with charger and has an extremely light weight of 11 kg. It has a Hammer Action of 3 sensibilities and the keys have a very successful touch. A very interesting option to the Yamaha P Well, above all it competes in price and usually costs considerably less than the Yamaha P and the others. Whichever one you choose will be a great option. We leave you a video and then the cheapest purchase option we have registered:.

It admits triple pedalboard and has a very powerful polyphony of voices. On the other hand, it brings 19 extreme quality piano sounds.

Digital piano vs keyboard -Buying Guide for Beginners

The Kawai ES beats the Yamaha P in touch but there is a notable price difference that can be around 50 euros. Of course that difference can be felt in the touch. So the decision to buy one or the other we would base on your budget. If you are adjusted and have decided for a Yamaha P over the P To jump to the Kawai ES you have to do another small jump. If you want to know more you can read here our review about the Kawai ES To buy it you can go to your nearest store or if you want to buy it online because it is cheaper the best for this keyboard is Thomann or your Amazon website:.

One more than enough piano for piano students who do not need to move the piano. Even so, it is much more manageable than an upright piano because it weighs 38 kg compared to kg for an upright. Its benefits include:. What really makes this digital piano stand out from others like the Kawai ES or the Yamaha P itself and justifies a slightly higher price is the amount of technology that accompanies it to emulate even the piano vibration that is transmitted to the floor.

If portability is not a determining factor and the intention is mainly classical conservatory study this may be the best option available today. The only difference is the sound quality. A little bit better in the new model. Basically the sampling technology. Sound has a better quality at the new one as we told you above. This piano is easy to find for less than euros mainly online and to ensure a correct transport I know many people who have bought it at Thomann:. This is the new model of the Casio Celviano AP This piano is the latest and most expensive of all the digital pianos we have selected. It is not the most bought but it is a real hidden jewel at a good price.

The Celvians are much appreciated by many piano teachers for their students. Casio has overcome himself with the sound of this piano. It's a tremendous sense of reality because it has one of the most advanced digital Hammer Action systems out there. Don't be fooled by its modest appearance, it's one of the best digital pianos ever. It has strings and sticks to simulate a real piano and the digital sound that comes out of your system does not lose quality in compression.

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Its price is a little higher than the other models we have presented but its proximity to the feeling of playing a real piano is tremendous. They've worked their way up to the top so it doesn't get dusty. Apart from all the features that a digital piano of this price usually has, what is tremendous is its "Tri-Sensor II" system of massifs and velocity sensitivity. For now the most powerful digital acoustic Hammer Action system on the market.

We summarize its features here:. These musical instruments already come with everything you need but you can always improve some aspect like the pedal that comes in some that they. But especially when it's been a while. What you'll probably want, though, is a proper stand or stool. The stands are accessories that usually come on sale with the packs or bundles so if you buy it from the beginning you can save a lot of money. Although here we're going to link those elements separately.

All electronic pianos of this selection come with at least one sustain pedal. What is the basic and perfectly valid although it is true that in models such as the Yamaha P45 over time you can stay a little short and the truth that they are very cheap accessories. On models like the Arius or the Celviano, don't even think about it because they already come with a triple footswitch that is more than enough. If you buy your sustain pedal look first at Thomann when you buy the keyboard but if you buy it later is an item too cheap so you will not get free postage.

In that case you have the following good option as sustain pedal on Amazon. Although here we link you more variety of Amazon pedals:. There are several types of media and the truth is that they are important accessories for your keyboard or digital piano.

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  • In this type of products is important a good support because when playing a piano and if the support is not good you will have a very uncomfortable vibration that is not pleasant. There are several very affordable models and undoubtedly the most sold is the next model of the Stagg brand:.

    Try before you buy

    If you buy it at Thomann you have available very attractive packs or bundles that already come with the stand and the truth is that people usually buy them because it saves a lot of money. If you are going to practice a lot with the keyboard it is very important to have a suitable stool. The height of your hands should be adequate so that you do not have to be forcing the position or you may develop tendiditis or other injuries while playing music for many hours.

    Most people have different heights but a digital piano stand will always have the same height.

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    • So it's the stool that has to be adjustable. Of course if you have a filly and you find a stool with the right height that you need that is perfect. In our next post you are going to see several videos and postural tips to avoid injuries. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. By using the Dawsons website you agree to our use of cookies to improve your experience and our services.

      When you're starting out, the difference between a keyboard and a digital piano can be confusing, or you may not have even considered it. In our guide below we discuss the advantages of both, so that you can make an informed decision. Once you've decided, we also have separate guides on keyboards and digital pianos, giving our favourites and the features of each.