Deep Things out of Darkness: A History of Natural History

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Atlantis beneath the Ice.

What are the dark spots on the Moon? - Natural History Museum

Rand Flem-Ath. The First Americans. James Adovasio. The Reluctant Mr. David R.

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The Statues that Walked. Terry Hunt. Remarkable Creatures. Sean B. Loren Coleman.

Iain McCalman. A Feathered River Across the Sky. Joel Greenberg. The Eternal Frontier. Tim Flannery. The Unnatural History of the Sea. Callum Roberts. Citizen Scientist. Mary Ellen Hannibal.

13 Facts About the American Museum of Natural History

Skull Wars. David H. Paul Johnson. Darwin's Sacred Cause. Adrian Desmond. Maps and Civilization. Norman J. Joyce Appleby. The Mortal Sea. Jeffrey Bolster. Ecological Imperialism. Alfred W. The Edge of Memory.

Natural history: 'Take nobody's word for it' - The Working Waterfront Archives

Patrick Nunn. Louis Agassiz. Christoph Irmscher. The Man Who Found Time.

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Jack Repcheck. Lost Continents. Sprague de Camp. Columbus Was Last. Patrick Huyghe. Wild Sea. Joy McCann.

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Charles Darwin. Extinct Birds. Julian P. Trying Leviathan. Graham Burnett. The Swordfish Hunters. Bruce Bourque.

Rivers: A Very Short Introduction. Academics What is human ecology? Our Community From potlucks to policies, we build it together.

Natural History (Rackham, Jones, & Eichholz)/Book 9

Admissions Currently seeking: new points of view. Alumni Calendar News Giving. Who knew that Charles Darwin, the man who spent nearly five years sailing around the world on a voyage that would provide key insights into the theory of evolution by natural selection, suffered from sea sickness? Or that Theodore Roosevelt—while still president—managed to slip away from all guardians of the nation to go camping with naturalist John Muir for four days? Natural history, the deliberate observation of the environment, is arguably the oldest science. This title chronicles the rise, decline, and ultimate revival of natural history within the realms of science and public discourse.

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