Entomologia delle acque interne (Italian Edition)

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Chloromyia speciosa Macquart, Clitellaria ephippium Fabricius, Eupachygaster tarsalis Zetterstedt, Microchrysa flavicornis Meigen, Microchrysa polita Linnaeus, Nemotelus Nemotelus anchora Loew, Nemotelus Nemotelus argentifer Loew, Nemotelus Nemotelus crenatus Egger, Nemotelus Nemotelus lasiops Loew, Nemotelus Nemotelus latiusculus Loew, Nemotelus Nemotelus longirostris Wiedemann, Nemotelus Nemotelus maculiventris Bigot, Nemotelus Nemotelus nigrifrons Loew, Nemotelus Nemotelus niloticus Olivier, Nemotelus Nemotelus notatus Zetterstedt, Nemotelus Nemotelus pantherinus Linnaeus, Nemotelus Nemotelus proboscideus Loew, Neopachygaster meromelas Dufour, Odontomyia argentata Fabricius, Odontomyia cephalonica Strobl, Odontomyia flavissima Rossi, Odontomyia hydroleon Linnaeus, Odontomyia tigrina Fabricius, Oplodontha viridula Fabricius, Oxycera analis Wiedemann in Meigen, Oxycera trilineata Linnaeus, Oxycera varipes Loew in Heyden, Stratiomys chamaeleon Linnaeus, Stratiomys hispanica Pleske, Stratiomys longicornis Scopoli, Stratiomys rubricornis Bezzi, Stratiomys singularior Harris, Vanoyia tenuicornis Macquart, Zabrachia minutissima Zetterstedt, Zabrachia tenella Jaennicke, Pterostigma light yellow Fig.

Pterostigma usually darker Fig. Scutum shining green; genitalia as in Figs 25— Scutum shining blue; genitalia as in Figs 21— Pterostigma darker Fig. Genital furca massive, laterally enlarged, with a rounded median aperture Fig.

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Genital furca with a relatively wide transverse median aperture Fig. Genital furca with developed lateral wings Fig. Genital furca without developed lateral wings Fig. An asellid from the subterranean waters of the the apuan alps italy proasellus micropectinatus new species crustacea isopoda asellota.

Memoires de Biospeologie , An asellid from subterranean waters of eastern liguria italy proasellus ligusticus new species crustacea isopoda asellota.

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Fragmenta Entomologica 16 2 : , Observations on the genus salmo in the waters of friuli venezia giulia italy. Gortania , The freshwater macroinvertebrates of Friuli-Venezia Giulia Northeastern Italy Mayflies from running waters Ephemeroptera I macroinvertebrati delle acque interne del Friuli-Venezia Giulia Italia nord-orientale Efemerotteri delle acque correnti Ephemeroptera. The distribution and ecology of water mites Acari, Hydrachnidia in Friuli-Venezia Giulia northeastern Italy an update Distribuzione ed ecologia degli acari acquatici Acari, Hydrachnidia del Friuli-Venezia Giulia un aggiornamento.

Acute contamination with esfenvalerate and food limitation: Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Potential of 11 pesticides to initiate downstream drift of stream macroinvertebrates. Archivs of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology Long-term stream invertebrate community alterations induced by the insecticide thiacloprid: Effect concentrations and recovery dynamics.

On the Italian species of the Ecdyonurus lateralis group Ephemeroptera, Baetidae. Aquatic Insects 3 3: Note faunistiche, tassonomiche ed ecologiche su alcuni efemerotteri nuovi per l'Italia Ephemeroptera. The nymphs of Italian species of the Ecdyonurus lateralis group, with a description of the nymph of E.

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Baetis liebenauae Keffermuller , found in Italy Ephemeroptera, Baetidae. Gortania - Atti Mus. Guide per il riconoscimento delle specie animali delle acque interne italiane, C. Note su alcune specie del genere Habroleptoides Schoenemund, con segnalazione per l'Italia di H. Notes on Italian Heptageniidae Ephemeroptera. Rhithrogena fiorii Grandi, and R.


Aquatic Insects 5 2: Note su alcune specie italiane del genere Caenis Stephens, , con descrizione di C. Fragmenta Entomologica 17 2: Contribution to the knowledge of the Heptageniidae of Greece, with a description of Ecdyonurus moreae n. Annales de Limnologie 23 2: Taxonomy of Ecdyonurus corsicus Esben-Petersen, , with some remarks on diagnostic features of the nymphs of the genus Ecdyonurus Ephemeroptera, Heptageniidae.

Biogeografia degli Efemerotteri dell'Italia centrale: Checklist delle specie della fauna italiana, Gli Efemerotteri dell'Appennino marchigiano Insecta, Ephemeroptera. Aquatic Insects 16 4: Description of Electrogena calabra n. Annales de Limnologie 31 1: Identification and discrimination of Electrogena species by numerical methods Ephemeroptera, Heptageniidae.

A cue for phylogenetic relationships. Belfiore C; Buffagni A. Ephemeroptera, Baetidae , a new species of mayfly from Southern Italy. Faunistic, taxonomic and biogeographical studies of Ephemeroptera from Southern Italy. Analisi faunistiche e biogeografiche sugli Efemerotteri della Sicilia Insecta, Ephemeroptera. Le specie italiane del genere Habrophlebia Eaton, Ephemeroptera, Leptophlebiidae. Descrizione della ninfa de Paraleptophlebia ruffoi Biancheri, Ephemeroptera, Leptophlebiidae.


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Fragmenta Entomologica 15 1: Taxonomy and phenetic relationships of Electrogena affinis Eaton, Ephemeroptera, Heptageniidae. Ecological and evolutionary responses to recent climate change. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 37 1 : Corresponding Author Paolo Fanti paolo. Editorials Borghetti M Scientific publishing: the ambiguities of open-access policies vol.

Research Articles Benedetti G, Carbone F Estimation procedure of stumpage value: characteristics, contents and self-validation vol. Forest Database Search by Authors P.

Chironomids from Southern Alpine Running Waters: Ecology, Biogeography*

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