Extreme Staff Makeover: Attracting, Hiring, Managing and Keeping Top Talent for Your Tax Business

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Now unless you are design savvy and an expert in programming, then this job is best left in the hands of experts. After all, this is where your customers will be making their purchases and you want to make sure that their experience is a positive one. In addition to that, you need to figure out the best eCommerce platform for your business.

Redesigning HR | Australian Public Service Commission

As a responsible business owner, you should review their portfolio and ask for references — and the same goes for your web designer. When you outsource ecommerce development , be sure to hire a competent team of designers and developers who can easily tweak your site; fix bugs, ensure security, and do site updates such as products, pricing, features and so on you get the picture. Graphic Design — the role of a graphic designer is to help you design your brand identity and make you stand out — especially from your competitors.

If you decide to outsource graphic design work to experts, then expect them to deliver high quality marketing collaterals such as banners, logos, catalogs, promotional spread, email, newsletter, etc. Product Photography — studies have shown that visually appealing images receives a positive response from people.

Hence, a great shot of your product can create a lasting impression and attract more buyers. This can also generate interest from those who wish to share it on the internet — allowing your product and brand to gain exposure as it goes viral to different channels online e. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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Marketing is an important aspect in any business. This ensures you that your products and services are being promoted and sold to your market. For ecommerce, the best way to do this is to incorporate a Digital Marketing Strategy that commonly includes the following:. This allows your site to rank in the pages of Google using keyword phrases that represent your business and brand. These types of ads are found on search engines such as Google — located on the top, bottom and side portions of the web page. SMM — social media marketing is continually making waves especially with the younger crowd hint: future prospects.

Also, using social media can help generate leads for your online store. With the right email expert and automated tools to further equip you with the necessary data to ensure that you are maximising your return, investing in this type of marketing strategy is one of the most practical and efficient ways of reaching your market.

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Content Marketing — Creating valuable content that can effectively deliver results takes time, and having a professional content marketer who understands the importance of having a content marketing strategy will greatly help you in making your brand and business extremely appealing to your audience. A content marketer also brings SEO-know-how while incorporating Google best practices, and so forth.

Copywriting — If your copywriter can evoke the right emotion when it comes to the messages they deliver to your audience, then you can expect to generate exposure, leads and sales. Moreover, knowing the importance of having great copywriting techniques can definitely give you an edge when it comes to your competitors. Customer experience is extremely important if you wish to continue doing business with your consumers. This means you have someone who is adept in handling inquiries, and most importantly, irate callers. Remember, customer satisfaction is very important if you want them to patronise, stay loyal and endorse your products and services.

For an ecommerce business, administrative tasks are those that are repetitive in nature and can be assigned to a virtual assistant. These include:. Data Entry — this is a product related task that includes adding and deleting products from the inventory; updating product details, photos, etc. Inventory management — monitors and updates the stocks in your website to ensure that you have sufficient supply. Order Processing — processing company orders such as invoicing, order entry and shipment.

Business owners can appreciate the truck-load-of-work taken off their plate by outsourcing their order fulfilment requirements to a reputable 3PL. Moreover, they are given the privileged of saving money through shipping discounts. Bookkeeping — Given the numerous transactions, inventory, paying vendors, returns and exchange processes, as well as sales tax laws, it is wise to outsource these bookkeeping tasks and have it reviewed by those who have a steady background and understanding with regards to this financial aspect.

Accounting and Payroll — Keeping your numbers straight and accurate, which includes handling the different taxes that needs to be sorted out e. Hence, this type of financial work is best left in the hands of experts , who can easily review and keep everything in order.


Mobile-Friendly Configuration

So there you have it. Tasks that you can outsource to third party companies, online software and tools, and to individuals who specialise in certain areas that could benefit your website. Similar to figuring out the differences between a web developer and a web designer, it would be good to familiarise yourself with the different roles of Front End vs Back End vs Full Stack Developer.

A perfect analogy would be fashion designers creating couture for their models; expressing their artistic flair by playing with colours and choosing fabrics, textures, etc. The latest would be CSS3 which has additional features that includes basic interactivity and animations. Apart from making web pages interactive, it adds complex animations while building fully featured Web applications possible. Back End Web Developers are the ones who work behind the scene.

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In this scenario, you can see how important it is for the front end specialist actor and the backend programmer director to work together in order to successfully implement codes film. Focusing more on the skills of a Back End Developer, note that they typically specialise in one programming language. Net, Node. This enables them to save, find or change data and serve it back to the user in front-end code.

Other considerations when it comes to technical experiences would include knowledge in version control software such as CVS, Git pr SVN and Linux for development and development system. So when it comes to the responsibilities expected from a back end web developer, this includes Backup, Database Creation, Integration, Restore Technologies and Security.

Now your job, if you want to find the right backend programmer for your web project, is to know what type of website you wish to build and the programming language to be used. In doing so, you can find the most qualified back end developer who can create, enhance or make the necessary tweaks to your site. Being a full stack developer is a hybrid between a front end developer and back end developer. Now most agencies prefer to hire full stack developers to maximise the skill-set of their staff given the numerous web projects they have.

Extreme Staff Makeover: Attracting, Hiring, Managing and Keeping Top Talent for Your Tax Business

In most cases, they specialize on doing front end or back end work but their magic lies on the fact that they know enough to deliver the goods. Their familiarity on how front end and back end works, in addition to their understanding of business logic, design limitations and user interface, makes them the ideal candidate during the early stages of business and product development.

Hopefully this has helped you realise what you need to know in terms of finding the right developer for your website. With its display of high performance, easy integration, flexibility, mobility and the ability to multi-task; this SEO friendly and open source platform is bred to be an eCommerce beast that very few can rival. Brands such as Ford, Nestle, Nike and Samsung have chosen Magento — which, to this day continuously dominates the realm of eCommerce. Statistics show the continuous rise of eCommerce and the ongoing growth of consumers who continuously enjoys the convenience provided by online shopping is undeniable.

Hence, the search for the best magento developers have risen in the past years. So where do agencies, corporations and small to medium sized businesses find qualified magento developers to assist them in building their online stores — or help with the expansion and enhancement of their current one? In finding the right magento developer for your business, you need to clearly state your needs, requirements and expectations — including your budget and time frame.

Personal & Professional Network

For short-term projects, popular websites such as Commerce Hero , Craigslist , Freelancer , GitHub and Upwork allows you to find freelance magento developers, as well as having the option of posting a job for free. In cases where you want to work with only certified magento developers, you can visit the Magento Certification directory to know the developers that are accredited by Magento.

You are bound to meet a lot of magento developers as well as Partner Agencies who are sure to meet your needs and requirements. Going to Magento Imagine is a must if you wish to nab really good developers. After all, nothing feels better than being amongst those who understand the power and beauty of this technology while taking the time to bond with magento enthusiasts with whom they could possibly collaborate and work with in the future.

Since Magento has given their seal of approval when it comes to the capabilities of these partners with all the training, support and services that are made accessible to them , you can be assured that your expectations will be met. Take note that this would cost you a bit more in comparison, but in cases where cost is not much of an issue and quality reigns supreme, then this is the way to go.

You can easily spot qualified magento developers by simply checking out Magento Forums. Focus on those who are not only active, but more importantly, the ones who share a lot of their insights and knowledge with their peers. This shows how experienced and capable they are, and how well they get along with people in general — after all, you want to hire someone who is personable and easy to work with.

This is an ideal place to search for when you want to hire someone because you can view their professional background, skills and work ethics based on the reviews from their colleagues. There are number of online communities where you can find many magento enthusiasts.

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  • These include the very popular social media platforms such as Twitter , where you can harness the power of hashtags such as Magento MagentoDevelopers MagentoJobs, etc. You can also find magento groups in sites such as eLance and LinkedIn to further assist you in your quest to find the right magento developers to hire. You can reach out to them and see if they are open to doing a project for you or if they can recommend qualified developers from their personal network.

    Outsourcing continues to be a popular choice for many businesses looking to be more cost efficient without compromising quality.