Humpty Dumpty: A Fractured Tale

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But did he fall? Or was he pushed?

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And what happened to Bumpty-Dumpty? There are many questions to be answered. Find out what happens in this great "Who done it!

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The first one is written as a short story with a few wonderful illustrations drawn by David Puckett, and then the same story is told again in rhyme. Humpty Dumpty: A Fractured Tale can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. About Michele L Hinton Michele says writing is her passion.

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She is a resident of Kentucky and was married for the first time at the tender age of 50 to her husband Kenneth. And as he climbs up the ladder, something happens.

Fixed Fairy Tales Compilation - Three Little Pigs - Humpty Dumpty - and Lots More

This is one of those amazing picture books that turns into much more than you expected. I loved fractured fairy tales and fairy tale retellings and Dan Santat? He creates such a rich variety of books for young readers.


I love that he is both author and illustrator because it allowed the final revelation to come about through the illustrations alone. This is a more than a Humpty Dumpty story. It is a story about healing and growing and reaching new heights. It is a story about fear and dreams and achieving amazing things.

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PIck up a copy of this to share with your young reader for Easter or for quiet reading time. How is After the Fall an example of metamorphosis? What other popular story characters, either in traditional tales or contemporary and popular ones, undergo a metamorphosis e. Are those changes for better or worse?

Have students explore these questions in a number of ways. You might design a solar system text set of books with characters who undergo metamorphoses, or you might have students write beyond the ending of some stories to show how a character has a metamorphosis e. Push them to think beyond how those concepts apply to themselves and can help foster a more socially just and kind world, moving toward a dynamic learning frame, which is a growth mindset incorporated with civil engagement and social thinking and responsibility.

For more information on growth mindsets and dynamic learning frames, see the websites listed below in Further Explorations.


Help students develop their skills at reading and analyzing visual images. Review artistic principles, such as color, line, light and shadow, and texture with students to support their visual literacy skills. Teach about symbolism and motif, too.

Teach students how to closely read an image, using these skills to construct deeper meanings. For example, how does Santat use the principles of light and shadow to enhance the meaning of the text? What about the principle of perspective? Pay special attention to his use of language and the ways in which he creates rhythms and emphasis through word choice, syntax, punctuation, and white space.

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Ask your students to identify patterns in setting, theme, character, and plot across the books. See the websites and titles listed below as a starting point for gathering information. What styles, media, and techniques does he employ? What themes or symbols do they see across his illustrations? Raschka, C. Everyone can learn to ride a bicycle. Santat, D. The adventures of Beekle: An unimaginary friend. New York: Little, Brown. Thompson, L. Grace is an associate professor of language and literacy at Lesley University.