Legends of the Evil Robots

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Today, modern historians of robotics divide automata by functionality: they exist for the purpose of entertainment, labor, or sex. Pasiphae was the jealous sort and cast a spell over her husband so that if he tried to have sex with another woman he would ejaculate scorpions, snakes, and millipedes. Bulls, however, are not so interested in women. Pasiphae turned to the brilliant sculptor and craftsman Daedalus for assistance. Daedalus constructed a realistic wooden cow into which the queen could clamber and present herself to the bull on all fours.

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Even in the ancient world, people doubted the truth of this story. Those who defended it responded that realistic imitations of other animals often provoked their biological counterparts to attempt to mount them.

It was even popular in medieval artwork, which focused on the supposed romance between the bull and his human lover. Stories like this are not unique to the Greeks and Romans.

What happens when robots kill?

Mayor relates a story about an artificial man created by the craftsman Yen Shih during the reign of King Mu of the Zhou dynasty of China ca. For those who thought about such things, robot stories provoked some conversations about ethics. Aristotle was further still from the our modern sci-fi trope, in which rebellious machines attempt to enslave or destroy the human race.

One of the most troubling aspects of ancient fantasies about automata is that the robots do not appear to play by any rules. Many ancient robots were benign or even helpful, but others were downright malicious. The box idea comes from a mistranslation. Interestingly, ancient tech continues to influence modern invention, especially in the military arena. In a ramjet missile was named Talos, after the Cretan robot.

The robot had supposedly been equipped with sensors to differentiate humans from boxes, but they had failed. Who: Wanda Holbrook, year-old factory technician. Where: Ventra Ionia Ionia, Michigan-based auto assembly factory. The final amount was eventually settled out of court, in exchange for Litton not admitting to negligence.

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But as artificial intelligence progresses and bots become more than just hardware following computer code, the blame game will get a lot more complex. Some of the potential outcomes of future robot murders Zachary Crockett for The Hustle. But what about the awareness? Machine learning a subset of artificial intelligence strives to empower robots to do just that: by feeding a robot large swaths of data, we hope it may learn to process it on its own.

In a future where industrial machines have the ability to make their own decisions in this manner, robots could feasibly be charged with the intent to murder.. Machines are gaining autonomous agency at an rate that has been compared to a 4th Industrial Revolution. Our fears of robots have always centered around them gaining too much intelligence: Sci-fi writers have harped on the dangers of sentient killer bots.


Three Laws of Robotics

Every time a Boston Dynamics machine does a backflip , the internet bemoans the end of humankind. But occasional stories of robot-related deaths, though grisly and sensational, should not suggest that robots are some evil, murderous scourge. The point here is that most robot-related incidents thus far have been the result of: 1 Machines being too stupid, rather than too smart, or 2 A disharmonious relationship between man and machine.

For better worse, AI is poised to change both.

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