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Amen: From Eden to Eternity. Amen: From Eden to Eternity reviews. Amen Study - Men's. Rejection of that revelation results in a process of hardening Rom.

The Hebrews had not only received the same general revelation, they had also received special revelation consisting of the Old Testament scriptures Rom. Until the Hebrews obeyed the revelation they had received and obtained eternal salvation v. Anticipating bearing the burden of judgment for sin, Jesus felt its fullest pain and grief Is. Though He bore the penalty in silence and did not seek to deliver Himself from it Is.


Jesus asked to be saved from remaining in death, i. Christ did not need to suffer in order to conquer or correct any disobedience. In His deity as the Son of God , He understood obedience completely. As the incarnate Lord, He humbled Himself to learn Luke He learned obedience for the same reasons He bore temptation: to confirm His humanity and experience its sufferings to the fullest ; Luke ; Phil.

He was the perfectly righteous One, whose righteousness would be imputed to sinners Rom. Because of the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ and His perfect sacrifice for sin, He became the cause of salvation. True salvation evidences itself in obedience to Christ, from the initial obedience to the gospel command to repent and believe Acts ; Rom.

This great concept was associated in some fashion with violence since John the Baptist began preaching. Wherever he went, his call for repentance and entrance into the kingdom generated strong and eventually violent opposition. First is the idea of the kingdom being treated violently by its foes—by those outside it, like the Jewish leaders.

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They vociferously rejected its spiritual dimension, and so its earthly dimension could not begin for some time. Jesus was already teaching about the narrow gate and the narrow way Matt. But have you ever thought of it flexing its strength to bring you into its borders? Here at Grace to You Europe we take our data protection responsibilities very seriously and, as you would expect, have undertaken a significant programme of work to ensure that we are ready for this important legislative change.

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