Pan Gai Noon Karate/Kung Fu (part one)

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In , Gokenki set up a tea shop.

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He made no secret of his preference for Chinese-style training and its superiority over other Okinawan methods. He got into a brawl with another karate teacher from Naha, and defeated him. After this defeat, the reputation of several other teachers and systems were at stake to save face and they challenged Gokenki, but none were able to beat him. Gokenki made it known that his teacher in China was actually an Okinawan after all, and lived on the northern end of the island.

Martial artists would visit Kanbun in Izumi with a letter of introduction from Gokenki looking for instruction. Kanbun would reply to the prospective students that they must have mistaken him for someone else. Uechi was consequently known as a Chinese Kung-Fu expert to the martial artists in the Naha vicinity. Finally, the townspeople with Mr.

Gokenki confronted Kanbun, and Kanbun could not deny his identity any longer.

Kanbun still denied showing anyone karate and offered no explanation. The question of draft-evasion never came up, and Kanbun was never indicted. It was customary for all the local schools to demonstrate their skills.

The different styles / systems of Karate: Part-I, The earliest systems

Tricking Kanbun into attending this demonstration, the idea came up to have the mayor of Motobu announce that Kanbun Uechi would demonstrate by performing a Kata. The plot worked, for when the mayor asked Kanbun to demonstrate, the other teachers who were standing close by playfully pushed Kanbun onto the stage. With so many people watching there was no escape for Kanbun.

There was applause, then silence. Kanbun was furious, but quiet. He hesitated for just a moment, then, with eyes glaring, he performed his favorite kata Seisan, fast and beautifully, with strength and power. Knowing he had been tricked, he jumped from the stage and stormed out of the building.

Kanbun politely refused.

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Kanbun Uechi then left for Japan to find employment. While he was working as a janitor he was persuaded by a co-worker, Ryuyu Tomoyose, to teach again after having been first convinced to show Tomoyose ways of defending himself against different attacks. Some of the more distinctive weapons of Uechi practitioners are the one-knuckle punch shoken , spearhand nukite , and the toe kick sokusen geri. Kanei Uechi designed all of the additional kata. Many of the names of the newer kata were formed from the names of prominent figures in the art, e.

Karate was developed over hundreds of years on the small island of Okinawa as a means of weaponless self-defense. While karate is still practiced as self-defense, it is also practiced as a means of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and moral development. Students polish their hearts and minds as they polish their self-defense skills.

Karate is a balanced exercise, involving both mind and body, challenging to learn and physically demanding. You will make new friends, work together in peace and cooperation, relieve stress, improve fitness, sharpen your mind and develop self-confidence. Feel great about yourself!

Experience the terrific feeling that comes from a strong body, a strong mind and a strong spirit! Koburyu was developed over a period of about 40 years, from to , by Kinjo Takashi of Naha City, Okinawa. Over years of study, Kinjo Takashi has brought a new perspective to the classic Uechi Ryu style, culminating in the founding of Koburyu in as a separate and unique martial arts style in the Uechi Ryu family of karate styles. Koburyu is part of the Uechi Ryu family of karate, Uechi Ryu traces its lineage to a tiger, crane and dragon style of Chinese kung fu called Pan Gai Noon taught by Shushiwa in a Shaolin temple in China.

After training for ten years, he was allowed to teach Pan Gai Noon in China. After teaching for three years, he returned to Okinawa.

Karate - World Martial Arts Styles

Tonights class was a good one! LOTS of good work. Solid Kata, good One-Points and really good Continuous! The history of our style is very important to me. We spend time in most classes sharing tea and discussing our history. I have 3 brand new Blue Belts working on their 7th form.

Karate Martial Arts Training

Selah has been training with us for almost 5 years now. I am very pleased with the progress they have all made over the past year. These guys are strong, dedicated and laser focused on their training. At this rate I will have 3 new Jr. Instructors this time next year. We all had such a good time and a really strong showing. You guys were absolutely amazing as always! You guys were absolutely fabulous!!! Wish I had pictures to share of tonights class. It was a great class! Josh, Ethan, Lesley, Addie and Pinder worked really hard tonight! I'm sure you are looking forward to a big meal today but try looking past the meal to the workout afterwards!

Offering classes 5 days a week now. Its 1. Several of the parents from the family class attend this class on alternating days.