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According to the Boston Globe , some disgruntled sellers have been waiting for reimbursement on sold items for months; some have actually been told that they simply won't be paid. As always, consignors are welcome to pick up their goods by providing 24 hours notice. That is unless the store is padlocked due to non-payment of rent, which is apparently the case with the retailer's East Houston Street location in New York City. An email from the location's landlord obtained by the newly created Facebook group, 2nd Time Around Needs to Pay , confirms this and that New York's Department of Consumer Affairs is handling the release of items still in the store.

The Second Time Around – Minimalism and L2 Acquisition

As for the type of legal trouble 2nd Time Around and its owners could be in, that depends on what's stated in the contracts signed by consigners, individual state laws and whether or not the company files for bankruptcy. In some cases, if there is a bankruptcy, the store's creditors could take a consigner's belongings to pay the store's debts.

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If you happen to live near a location that has not been padlocked, it is likely having a big going-out-of-business sale right now. Let's hope some of the money from that actually goes to the sellers.

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I could point to a whole portfolio of demands on my time, but the ultimate cause is my daughter, Elliott. Two-year-olds do a remarkable job occupying every available minute of time, and I am mostly happy to give her those moments. As a result, pregnancy looks different. Last time around, I prioritized weekly acupuncture, gentle but diligent workouts, and frequent prenatal massages. This time, I sit in the closet while Elliott delights in opening and shutting the door or lay together on the floor waiting for imaginary deer and lions to come visit.

Elliott requires Liz to do much more active play for some reason.

The most important processes — physical and otherwise — unfold naturally. While I still struggle to act in accordance with this insight, I realize I am less in a position of control and more in a position of surrender. No birth plan, only birth preferences. A recognition that birth will come when it comes and go how it goes.

And, most importantly, no expectations that the lessons learned caring for Elliott as a baby will translate into any better ability to care for number two. And so… Sometimes I step back and reflect on all this, wondering if my different emerging relationships to my two children — starting with even these early months of pregnancy — are simply the first manifestation of birth order conditioning. Though still in utero, Elliott had attention and focus throughout my pregnancy. For his part, the little man has either enjoyed or suffered through a pregnancy with far less of a maniacal focus on him.

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The fact you have time to write this is a miracle in and of itself! Thanks for sharing, Meredith. I love every one of your posts. Like Like.

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