Self-Mediation: New Media, Citizenship and Civil Selves

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Blogs, online tutorials, citizen journalism, social networking sites and museum interactive services are but a few of the new technological platforms available for people to express themselves in public.

Drawing on a view of self-mediation as a terrain of potential democratisation that is,. Crucial to this exploration is the interface between technologies of mediation that enable the public visibility of the ordinary, on the one hand, and the hybrid potential for democratisation and control that such visibility entails, on the other.

To this end, this volume is organised along a two-dimensional axis, which con-. In the following, I discuss both conceptions of self-mediation, the theoretical one,. Search all titles.

Self-Mediation. New Media, Citizenship and Civil Selves

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Edited By Lilie Chouliaraki. She has published extensively on the mediation of suffering in television and online news, on the communicative strategies of NGOs and the UN and on historical transformations in the communication of solidarity. Lisa Ann Richey is professor of international development studies and director of the Doctoral School at the Dept.


Her work focuses on new actors in international aid, citizenship and body politics, and gender and the global south. He will become the new President of the Berggruen Institute during the Summer of His research covers diverse aspects of development, with much attention on the dynamics of long-term livelihood change especially in Tanzania and the social consequences of conservation policy globally.

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His interest in celebrity stems from exploring the role of celebrity in environmental affairs, and this has led to an examination of its role in development more broadly. This means his research spans remote village locations to plush fundraising events, which can be confusing. Her work focuses on non-state actors in human rights, humanitarianism, genocide, and conflict resolution.

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She holds a PhD in International Development Studies from the same institution and holds a post-doctoral research grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research. Her research focuses on Danish celebrity involvement in development aid campaigning.

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  • His research interests include celebrity, visibility, transparency and mediatisation. She has also worked closely with numerous peacekeeping missions on issues of gender-based violence prevention and on HIV.

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    She spent the past few years in Sudan where she also developed support programmes for trafficked women and girls. She is a Horn of Africa specialist.

    Her current work is focussed on the special issues of migrants who get caught in conflict situations and of the protection needs of refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean.