Sociology Through the Eyes of Faith

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Nor is it a profession made for the purpose of being with others who profess likewise. Substance and evidence are difficult words to understand in the context of faith. We think of substance as physical matter, but that is only one meaning. Faith is the real or essential part of what we hope for; it is grounds for believing what we cannot see.

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In other words, faith is not a guess at what might be. It is not wishful thinking. Faith is belief, trust and commitment, not to a religion, but to a reality : The Reality, which is the object of faith. People can choose to keep their eyes closed if there is something they do not wish to see.

But once people choose to open their eyes, what they see is not a matter of choice. It is the same with faith. For the person who chooses to know and act on the truth, there are not many roads to God. Truth is singular by nature. It is either perceived or misperceived because there are no personal versions of truth. At the same time, the choice to know and act on truth opens the door to a way people cannot otherwise see. And when that way presents itself, and one sees where it leads, there is such joy and wonder that to turn away from that way is unthinkable.

For us, the choice was not whether to be Jewish. Only a gentile can make that choice. For the rest of us, the Almighty decided. The choice is not to believe or not believe in Jesus. People believe what they see, whether through eyes of flesh or eyes of faith. The choice is whether or not to open the eyes of faith, regardless of what one might see.

Sociology Through the Eyes of Faith

Would you be willing to explore the claims of Jesus out of a real desire to know whether he is the Messiah? The same God who will guide your search for truth will also guard the Jewish identity that he has given you. Ruth Rosen San Francisco. Her parents raised her with a sense of Jewishness as well as "Jesusness. She's toured with Jewish gospel drama teams and participated in many outreaches. She writes and edits quite a few of our evangelistic resources, including many broadside tracts.

One of her favorites is, "Who Needs Politics. That includes her father, whose biography she authored in what she says was "one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. She edits the Jews for Jesus Newsletter for Christians who want to pray for our ministry and our missionaries. In her spare time, Ruth enjoys writing fiction and playing with her dog, Annie whom she rescued.

Ruth says, "Some people say that rescue dogs have issues, and that is probably true. If dogs could talk, they'd probably say that people have issues, and that is probably even more true.

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I'm glad that God is in the business of rescuing people, and dogs despite—or maybe because of—all our issues. Jewish and Christian: Can It Be? Can I be a Jewish Christian? What Makes Someone Jewish? We see the same thing in Jewish Law: Even though a Jew undergoes the rites of admission to another religious faith and formally renounces the Jewish religion, he remains—as far as the halakhah is concerned—a Jew, albeit a sinner Sanh. What Makes Someone a Gentile?

What Makes Someone a Christian? Is a Jewish Christian Just a Convert? Are Jews for Jesus Deceptive? What is Faith? People use the word faith to mean different things. What about Faith is Our Choice? Where to buy Extra info Reviews Reports Where to buy. Where to buy:. Sociology Through the Eyes of Faith Paperback.

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