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Those who struggle with reading especially need to spend dedicated time developing their phonics skills.

Order by Telephone Signature Exempt customers must provide an exemption certificate at time of order. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices shown in US currency. Payable in US funds only. This classroom-tested collection of storybooks and workbooks helps children in Grades K—1 develop emergent skills. Stories reflectthe real world students live in and give delightful renditions of family and friends.

These stories engage beginning readers asthey develop sight word recognition and build fluency and comprehension skills.

Syntax, typography, and picture-text matchingpromote the use of visual, semantic cueing systems: all crucial to developing early literacy skills. Students feel a sense of accomplishment, even at the emmergent level.

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The primary purpose of the letter and wordwork in each workbook is to assist students in using phonetic and other cues in reading texts, particularly the coordinatingHandprints storybooks. Quick Upload.

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Sounds funny, I know. But so were the Middle Ages — about scourging the body in order to transcend it. I am a Taoist and am relatively versed in the theory of meditation.

SPIRE Decodable Readers, Set 3A: The Bold Robins

After reading 'The Secret of the Golden Flower' I truly believe that it is giving guidance for the microcosmic orbit meditation. It is obvious that it is calling out the connection of the du mai and ren mai channels and the circulation of qi in this closed loop. The author did not reach the same conclusion.

The author is obsessed with the idea of giving breath direction. I think this is where knowledge in qigong would benefit him greatly. In qigong breath is used in the command of qi but again it is the circulation of qi that matters, not the circulation of breath. The author also goes into an odd discussion about the importance of symmetry including facial symmetry when seeking enlightenment. This is grounded in absolutely nothing. Do you have any idea how many Taoist immortals have extraordinary bodies which are anything but symmetrical?

I think maybe I'm the first Taoist practitioner to actually look at this book and review it. I don't think people will care for the response I've given above.

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I know that negative reviews are not welcome. I simply do not want people getting taken off into the weeds. I respect the author and he is entitled to his interpretations. However, I think that if he had a Taoist lineage he would come to very different conclusions. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I have read both this author's works on the Secret of the Golden Flower. I find them highly autobiographical but still useful. In this book he does a good job of laying out some of the basics of the meditation technique at the center of the mysteries.

I do have two issues. Firstly, he only includes instructions for the male version of the deer exercise. For too long men have guarded these secrets, and now everyone acts shocked that women can raise kundalini as well. Who would have thunk it! Interested women can look up their version by searching for it online. I also wondered why the author did not address active contemplation. All versions of the Secret of the Golden Flower make it clear that you need to do the silent breathing in combination with active contemplation, thinking about thought. The book equates these with circulation and fixation.

I feel this important principle deserves a mention. Other than these shortcomings I would recommend this book to interested students. If you're interested in the Secret of Life and Kundalini. The company steadily increased its clientele. Wordstop works with many leading US Universities and leading trade book publishers apart from working with a few STM journal publishers.

While I was at Wordstop, we acquired another dozen clients, one of whom was a multi-million dollar corporation involved in working with the Educational and El-Hi markets. We had an active collaboration with this leading US supplier. This exposure opened up new vistas for learning and I acquired knowledge in the fields of educational publishing and e-learning systems. I worked there till June There, I was entrusted with the job of acquiring clients, recruiting and building the editorial and typesetting teams, taking care of the commercial tasks like costing, manpower planning, training, scheduling, laying a road map for growth and expansion, technical management and all the other tasks of managing a start-up company.

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In November , I visited Germany on a sales trip to the Frankfurt book fair and over the next year or so, we acquired more than a twenty five clients. This test was held with about 34 leading suppliers around the world participating. We passed the test and were among the top three positioned second qualifying suppliers. A senior manager from Springer visited us after our successful completion. We worked on several Springer book and conversion projects.

Promotions: I progressed rapidly at SPS and after handling several responsibilities, was eventually promoted to the position of Manager—Editing responsible for the Elsevier account, with the Pre-editing, Media Conversion, Copy-Editing, Technical Editing, Scanning, and Quality Control departments reporting to me. I was in-charge of the Elsevier Account for the last three years of my tenure at SPS and was also the point of contact for all production editors at Elsevier at that time.

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About technical staff of that independent module were reporting to me either directly or through other supervisors when I left. I reported to the Technical Director directly. When senior Technical managers from Elsevier Science visited SPS for conducting a Technical Audit on procedures employed by SPS in the year , I was one of the key management staff to be interviewed intensively by them on technical details. SPS was subsequently certified and awarded more work. When Academic Press of San Diego started sending work to SPS in , I was entrusted with the duty of explaining the procedures employed for Elsevier Science Journals to them for ensuring a smooth transition.

While at SPS, I was also the key trainer and had trained the first several hundred staff in the six and half years that I spent there in various aspects related to typesetting. Great success is a careful process of discovering and applying certain subtle, pure truths about prosperity. However, the truths are mysterious and sometimes 'inexplicable' When you figure out those pure truths and utilize them correctly, miraculous results occur in your life.

The Inexplicable Laws of Success uncovers t After the war was over and after leaving the service, he attended St Olaf College and then Luther Seminary in Minnesota and became a minister. No Sniveling A fluffy tail of Floppidy Loppidy Meet Floppidy Loppidy, a super-sweet bunny plagued with extra-long ears that result in endless teasing and many silly and dramatic accidents.

Floppidy struggles to find a way to be a helpful hero for his grandfather, the Easter Rabbit, in preparing for Easter morning. Follow some brave baby robins as they grow up and learn to fly. This S. This book includes words with -ild child , -old cold , -ind find , -ost post , -oll roll. The S. Mind Mapping for Kids helps elementary school students develop higher-level thinking and improve their reading comprehension using mind maps and 8 reading comprehension strategies.

Our great-grandmothers didn't need nutrition lessons—then again, they weren't forced to wade through aisle after aisle of packaged foods touting outlandish health claims and confusing marketing jargon.