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Talk with your health care provider, who can help you pinpoint the exact source of your suffering, in order to determine the best treatment options for you. With a few lifestyle changes, you can look forward to a season of breathing easy. StatePoint l. Department of Agriculture. This means that while many people maintain fruitful gardens, farming is still a major industry in the U. The U. One in 10 Americans work in agriculture and its related industries.

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They come from all walks of life. For each of these men and women, agriculture is not only what they do, but also who they are. To celebrate the individuals whose agricultural roots are making a difference in all our lives, Syngenta has launched the RootedinAg campaign. Working on the farm was what my cousins and I did after school and all summer.

Hunter learned the value of hard work from his family — especially his grandfather, who was an astute farmer and businessman with strong values. Hunter now uses those same lessons as he prepares a new generation of growers in his role as a Syngenta agronomy service manager.

He and his team of 10 agronomists educate, train and advise colleagues and growers on how to produce the best crops possible in much of the Corn Belt east of the Mississippi River. Today, Roth is a graduate student at Michigan State University,. He hopes his degree will help him find sustainable ways to feed the world.

In , he won the graduate level Syngenta Agricultural Scholarship because of his drive and innovative outlook. He believes shrinking that knowledge gap can help eliminate unnecessary fear of genetic research. The pair created their own label, named after their young daughter, Marin. Eighteen years later, Marin, who studied wine and viticulture in college, works side-by-side with her parents and is now the winemaker for her namesake vineyard. Both she and her mother agree that working hard can and will pay off, especially in an industry with such a close-knit group of people.

Go to the Syngenta Thrive website to read more. And if you make your living in agriculture as a grower, reseller, educator or adviser, consider sharing your story in the RootedinAg Contest for a chance to benefit your community.

Follow these tips to grow and harvest fruits, veggies and herbs at peak ripeness to enjoy in simple, healthful meals. For cooler climates, raised garden beds are highly recommended. These allow fruits and vegetables the space needed to expand their roots and hold in water. For hot, arid climates, create an inground garden, as it holds in moisture better, requiring less irrigation.

Selecting what to grow is your next challenge. Herb gardens are perfect for those with limited experience or limited space. Herbs like basil, cilantro and chives are easy to maintain. Most herbs can withstand changing climates, meaning you can cook with fresh her-. Farm with Flavor Having access to a variety of fresh produce lets you expand your menu at home while keeping it healthy. Mix it Up Having a high-quality blender, like the Vitamix A, can make transforming your harvest into vibrant meals easy.

Put new spins on old family recipes. Next time your kids ask for spaghetti and meatballs, try Spaghetti with Roasted Vegetable Sauce. Made with fresh, garden ingredients, including Roma tomatoes, carrots and fresh basil leaves, this robust sauce will become a staple in your weekly meal rotation. You might even want to try it on top of spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles to take advantage of more nutritious, fresh-grown produce. Try something new and create Sweet Potato Soup with Seared Tomatillos using fresh jalapenos, poblanos and tomatillos from your garden.

Or dress up a lessthan-exciting salad with a brightly flavored Strawberry Vinaigrette, using fresh strawberries and herbs. Growing greens plus reds, yellows, oranges, purples and blues gives you peace of mind in knowing exactly where your meals come from, and the pride of nurturing something wholesome.

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Pests can cause a great deal of damage to roses, especially considering many varieties have a reputation for being tenderly delicate. While some types of roses are hardier against disease, no rose alive can fight off an aphid infestation or fight foraging deer without some help from the gardener. However, growing awareness of the environmental impact of some common pesticides may have many rose gardeners looking for more natural ways to protect their blooms this season.

Brand-name neonicotinoid pesticides, commonly used to keep pests off plants, are being banned in states.

Tragic Sense of Life

North Carolina is currently considering a similar ban. This class of insecticides is believed to contribute to the devastation and decline of honeybee populations across the country. As more states prohibit the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, and some garden retailers remove neonics from store shelves, many gardeners may have to start looking for alternative, more environmentally friendly solutions to protect their prized roses. The product is compatible with nature, not classified as an insecticide and is harmless to all wildlife, pets, birds and people.

Bobbex Rose also provides needed moisture retention for the plant and can reduce the severity of black spot and powdery mildew, common problems for rose gardeners. Continued use will disrupt browsing habits of deer while protecting against an assault of insects in any weather. Bobbex Rose will not wash off in rain, or irrigation. Natural Solutions Fortunately, rose aficionados have several natural ways to defend their gardens from pests. These measures can help protect rose gardens and the environment:. Choosing a good location for your roses is the first step. The healthier the plant, the hardier it will be in resisting disease and pests.

Roses should get six to eight hours of sun per day, and need at least three feet of space on all sides to flourish. Be sure to properly prepare the soil, mulch around the base of the plant, and regularly fertilize and water. Next, keep a careful eye on your roses.

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Regularly inspect blooms, branches, stems, undersides of leaves and vines for signs of insect infestation, including the presence of eggs, grubs and adult insects. Watch for evidence of deer damage too; such as ragged bites a foot or more above the ground. The easy-toapply, ready-to-use foliar spray discourages deer foraging through taste and smell aversion, while simultaneously repelling insects such as aphids, mites, Japanese. Use nature to defend your roses; hang bird feeders to attract backyard birds that regularly dine on insects harmful to roses.

You can also purchase lady bugs, which eat aphids, to release in your rose garden.

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Just be sure to research the best time and conditions for releasing lady bugs, or they will fly away before making any impact. The fragrance and colors of roses are among the most delightful indulgences of the warm weather season. Habit News Habits are not set in stone, and they are very much in our control if we understand how they work. We all generally have both good habits and bad habits in our daily life. For instance, a good habit almost everyone shares is brushing our teeth; a common bad habit might be always choosing a donut at a regular morning meeting.

Ideally, the good habits in our life outweigh the self-destructive ones. The body loves habits because being on automatic pilot saves mental and physical energy.

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  • Imagine if you had to think about each movement necessary to parallelpark your car; it would be exhausting and very inefficient. Instead you hardly think how to turn the wheel, which way to look, and when to apply the brake because you have done it so often it has become routine. When the body finds something you do from which it benefits, like clean teeth or getting into a parking space, it will lay down a neural pathway in the brain that will remind you to replicate that behavior. This neural pathway will strengthen every time you repeat the action, until it becomes a default mode and you begin behaving without much thought; a new habit has been formed.

    Unfortunately, while this process yields a helpful habit in the case of parallel-parking skill, the same principle is applied to the repeated action of reaching for that calorie donut at every morning meeting. Fortunately, habit formation works both ways: just as a neutral pathway for a certain behavior gets more entrenched the more that behavior is repeated, if you stop a. So, what about those people who seem to find it so easy to exercise or have only one serving?

    Are they somehow wired for healthier habits or stronger willpower? What they have are stronger neutral pathways, established over years of repeated action, for the behaviors of working out or eating moderately.

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    In my case, I see this in my long habit of exercising early in the morning: I go to the gym every day at 5 a. As a result, I do so automatically, without thinking or emotion. Cue, Action, and Reward Habits always present in three parts: cue, action, and reward. The cue is the signal that prompts you to engage in a behavior; the action is the habit itself; and the reward is what you get from engaging in the habitual behavior.

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    Usually, if we want to quit a behavior, we focus on the action by telling ourselves to stop whatever that behavior is: do not eat pizza for dinner.