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Rescued by Cross and his crew, he joined the team and is looked after by Rhino. He got his name from the death card, the Ace of Spades. Falcon operates primarily in the city and he has a tribe who he looks after. Falcon met Cross during the war. Her name comes from her striped hair and vicious streak.

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The crew helps people who have been wronged, targeting stalkers, dog killers and pedophiles, freeing kidnap victims and on occasion acting as assassins for hire. Behind the Scenes This series of short stories are written by Andrew Vachss, an attorney who specialized in child abuse cases. Three Cross novels have been written but have not been published to date.

Most issues adapt various Cross stories as outlined below. But his employer, Hannibal S. Kydd, nicknamed Captain Kydd, leaked a rumor that his star reporter was hot on the trail of a dangerous terrorist. Kydd, a multimillionaire, realized that such a personal vendetta makes for great reporting and even better ratings. Dagger uses his investigative and survival skills to track and destroy those responsible for the attack. Obstfeld is an associate professor of English at Orange Coast College and is the author of more than forty books, including several writing guides.

Centaur Conspiracy, 2. Ride of the Razorback, A third book was written but, due to poor sales, the series was cancelled before its publication. Cody Brian Peterson was a former military intelligence agent who retired and became a Deadly Force 44 successful lobbyist. It was then that he got the call that changed his life.

Two teenage joyriders had caused an accident that killed his wife and child. Peterson was devastated and moved to the bottom of a bottle in Key West. The Senator found him and helped him to dry out and return to his old life.

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This is followed by a series of problems solved discreetly and it becomes common knowledge throughout Washington that Brian Peterson is the man to see if you have a situation that needs to be taken care of quietly. Peterson is able to use his military and intelligence contacts and on occasion can call in a favor from those who he has helped in the past. Peterson is called on to investigate security leaks, suspicious deaths, assassinations and kidnappings.

Behind the Scenes James P. Cody is the pseudonym of Peter Thomas Rohrbach. Rohrbach born in is a former Catholic priest. After earning six million from one of his inventions, a computer patrol car uplink, Simpson decided to form Deadly Force, Inc. Simpson had been hampered by the rules and regulations all through his career and Deadly Force was the chance to make his own rules. Ben Sanchez: part Apache, ex-Army Ranger, part-time cop and mercenary. Calvin Steeples: pilot in Vietnam and part-time crop duster.


Not bogged down in bureaucracy, the force is able to stop the crime wave. Behind the Scenes Mark Dixon is the pen name of Charlie McDade, who has written several books for the Executioner series and, under the name of Bill Duggan, wrote several western novels.

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In The Soul Search Project, when asked if he is Camellion, he lies and says that Richard Joseph Camellion is the name on his baptismal record, suggesting that it is not his real name. Ultimately there is no revelation; Camellion is just the best at what he does as both a master of disguise and murder and no explanation is needed as he get results. The Death Merchant has faced the unusual situations of retrieving a laser invented by the Nazis, scrolls written by Judas Iscariot, and locating Shamballa, which is a base built by aliens that Camellion had previously encountered.

More mundane assignments have included saving Fidel Castro from assassination by the Soviets, preventing a Cuban takeover of the Panama Canal, retrieving downed satellites and foiling a plot to overthrow America. One feature of the series is that Rosenberger frequently inserted lengthy footnotes into his stories to explain the factual basis for his characters assertions. After working a series of jobs including Korean karate instructor, circus pitchman and private eye, he became a full-time writer in Rosenberger was the author of the Murder Master and C.

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The Death Merchant, pages, 2. Operation Overkill, pages, 3. Psychotron Plot, pages, 4. Chinese Conspiracy, pages, 5. Satan Strike, pages, 6. Albanian Connection, pages, 7.

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Castro File, pages, 8. Billionaire Mission, pages, 9. Laser War, pages, Mainline Plot, pages, Manhattan Wipeout, pages, KGB Frame, pages, Mato Grosso Horror, pages, Vengeance of the Golden Hawk, pages, Iron Swastika Plot, pages, Invasion of the Clones, pages, Zemlya Expedition, pages, Nightmare in Algeria, pages, Armageddon USA, pages, 47 Lizzard is not as adept at the art of disguise as he thinks, appearing as a women while he still has a three-day growth. Eventually, he is killed by Remo and Chuin. Enough of the stupid regulations that bleeding-heart judges place on the police and the criminal lawyers who use every loophole of the law to get their clients back on the street.


The sixfoot-three, muscular thirty-one-year-old partner to the rookie cop. The rookie cop was a friend who followed him onto the force. Streib, born in , served in the U. The Books Both books were published by Belmont Tower: 1. Gang War, pages, 2. Paul was fortyseven years old, slightly overweight with freckles. After the attack, he became restless knowing that the men who killed his wife and victimized his daughter would never be caught.

Walking the streets one night, he was attacked by a mugger and fought him off with a roll of quarters in a sock.

During that time Benjamin bought a gun and, on his return to New York, began killing criminals, often baiting them, setting himself up as a target or staking out a car for car thieves. He tells of an incident in where the roof of his convertible was slashed and some minor items stolen that inspired Death Wish.

Death Sentence, pages, , M. The plot played out the same, although when Kersey was sent to Arizona to redesign a housing estate, he was given a gun as a gift. The police were actively hunting Kersey for his vigilante action and there was a conspiracy to cover the effectiveness of his actions. Indeed the police capture Kersey and tell him to get out of town.

the hunter the helldog anthology book 1 Manual

This spawned four sequels where Kersey returns to his vigilante ways when either his friends or family have been attacked. Hume witnesses the murder of his son and feels that the justice system is not doing enough and takes the law into his own hands. Related Books Talbot P. New York: iUniverse, Inc. Many years ago a secret government agency known as CURE framed him for a crime he did not commit and had him executed on an electric chair that did not work. He was selected because he was an orphan with no ties and his record in both the Marines in Vietnam and the Police in Newark showed that he was a patriot.

Chuin was in reality the Master of Sinanju, the source of all martial arts. When Chuin saw that Remo was absorbing the basics of Sinanju, he left off with karate tricks and began to make the man he considered his adopted son the next Master of Sinanju. Over the years Remo and Chuin, at the bequest of Harold W. Gordons an android built for survival , and many others. The Destroyer series is arguably the most successful of the serial vigilantes with continuing publication and forays into other media.

Both Murphy and Sapir left the series at various periods to try other books. Sapir lived in Boston, Massachusetts, with his wife Patricia Chute. Will Murray is a pulp historian and the author of numerous articles and books on the pulps. He has written a number of short stories that have appeared in Batman, Wonder Woman and Cthulhu anthologies. Tim Somheil has written several books for the Executioner series.

The New Destroyer was published by Tor Books.