Will You Marry Me? (Short Story)

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Kamara on an extended adventure: three days in Egypt, to see the pyramids. Kamara accepted. Kamara said. Once they told each other that they were gay, the two became fast friends. After returning home to New York, they did just that. My mother finally came around after five years into our relationship, but my father took longer.

They are now very supportive of us and an integral part of our lives. The couple married in August in Montecito, Calif. Ten years later and now living in New York City, they believe that they have become an example of a healthy, good and successful relationship among their family and friends. We are planning on having children in through a surrogate.

We are still in love, and after seeing each other through it all, we give gratitude for that every day.

A short-short story about that moment of truth.

Barbara Werner and Nick Morris have been together in a committed, loving, long-distance relationship for seven years this September. And it all started in coach class. Werner said. Neither of us was looking for love or a relationship. She was traveling on business from Anchorage to Seattle.

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A very tall man sat down next to her. He told he had been bear hunting.

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When they got off the plane, Mr. About a week later, Ms. Werner received a card in the mail. This is Nick and I sat down next to you on the plane. Werner, who lives in Stamford, Conn. Morris, who lives in Joppa, Md. Morris uncomfortable. The thought of either of them relocating was a non-starter. It was July when Michele Natola, 18, was on a cruise from Boston to Bermuda with her best friends after their high school graduation. The two met the first night on the dance floor.

We had been less than a mile from each other every summer for the past 10 years. She gave him her number on the final night of the cruise. A week later he called. I ran up to him holding his head as the man that hit him called I checked his head and saw blood pouring out from the back of his head. I could see his skin had torn open showing the cracked skull underneath.

The ambulance arrived a few minutes after and took him away. I drove behind them in my car. Where's Peter? He's terrified.

will you marry me (short film )

I explain everything to them, telling them that he had invited me to go for a walk but got there late. That I waited for hours in the rain and cold and when he arrived he had broken my heart again and out of anger I threw the bear he had given me out into the street and when he tried to grab it, he was hit by a car and flung towards another. After I finished I cried uncontrollably.

Her husband just stood there glaring at my existence. I stood there, her words echoing in my head. I deserve it, I just killed her son. Her husband tries to calm her down and told me to go to the lobby. I could hear them arguing in the hallway. A nurse came up to me and asked, "Are you related to Mr.

How is Peter? He passed away a few minutes ago of head trauma and multiple fractures on his shoulders and head with burns on his face, arms, and legs. I'll go tell his parents. I wiped my tears away and walked back to the room. Right as I turned the corner and saw them calmly sitting down I began crying again. I continued talking until they saw me. Robinson asked worryingly. They sat there waiting for me to calm down. Robinson cut me off and Mrs.

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Robinson held me in her arms. I put on a black dress with black leggings under it with my black flats. I was about to leave when something caught my eye. A teddy bear. I stared at it for a while and intimately decided to take it with a large bouquet of flowers I bought.

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I walked around for a while and walked inside the graveyard. I walked towards the large group of people gathered around one grave. I placed the flowers down and stood back up slowly. I looked down at the grave.

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I was overwhelmed with sadness and anxiety, my thoughts clouded with horrible thoughts. After everyone had left I let it all out, I cried like I never had before, I couldn't control my breathing and my eyes in pain from crying so much. I squeezed the bear as tight as I could. I jumped slightly when I heard a small noise, from the bear?

I looked down at it. I stared at it a little confused at what just happened. I grabbed the small piece of paper first, the ring falling onto the ground made a small clink noise.