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We understand the unmet needs of survivors and have developed a unique organization that strives to bridge the gap in services between emergency shelters, direct service providers, government agencies, academic institutions, businesses, and the community. Each program we offer is designed to empower, educate, and fulfill the needs of survivors and their families through our unique connective resources. The Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation complements the services crisis shelters offer and assists in decreasing the number of times victims return to abusive partners.

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Recovering after abuse can be a lifelong journey. We welcome and encourage new partnerships to address the needs of our community and to help eradicate domestic violence. Contact Us:.

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Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation. The Hebrew word darash indicates that she carefully applies herself in earnest seeking. She demonstrates diligent application. To trade for what you need requires shrewd foresight: guessing your future needs. Though this eshet-chayil is not scheming evil, we note her foresighted planning and her shrewdness.

Her vigor and strength are business qualities she has.

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A rich woman with servants whose only physical activity mentioned is spinning or sewing and doing business might not be physically strong. As a strong soldier who stands his ground in battle, so the eshet-chayil stands firm in her determination. Her strength is not in vain because she has the business acumen to back it up.

The eshet-chayil always has enough oil to keep her lamp burning. Her shrewdness and determination result in always having enough of whatever she needs.

There is nothing wrong with shrewdness. However, there is something wrong with greed Pv , , 25, Mt Shrewdness motivated by greed seeks only to accumulate wealth. Shrewdness motivated by kindness seeks to share Dt The verses interrelate her business activity spinning with her generosity. A literal translation of the two verses shows their relationship:. Chiasm is the Hebrew poetic arrangement whereby similar words or thoughts are repeated in an a.

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Her business activity spinning is thereby paired with her generosity. May we have the shrewdness of an eshet-chayil who manages her resources so that she can share. We can expect adversity in a less-than-ideal world.

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Adversity happens regardless of how diligent we are cf Job. An ideal woman diligently prepares even for adversity. Both the adulteress and the eshet-chayil care for their beds with bed coverings, but they care for themselves and their husbands in totally different ways. Whereas the adulteress of Proverbs 7 puts her rich cloth on her bed, the eshet-chayil wears it. She diligently cares for herself. Her diligence also profits her husband. Whereas the adulteress brings death Pv , 27 , the eshet-chayil brings repute and life.

If her husband is seated with the elders, it seems likely to assume that he has already enjoyed a long life. The eshet-chayil has the strength—the physical and mental resources — to accomplish her tasks. One of her tasks is to look into the future, apply the mental resource of foresight, and to prepare for what she sees.

Then she laughs. As a wise speaker, the eshet-chayil teaches her children Pv , , , Dt ,7 , confronts teachable adults Pv , , , but leaves fools to their folly Pv ,8, She speaks only timely words Pv , 25, , Her words are honest Pv , , not flattering Pv , not gossipy Pv , not numerous Pv , The Hebrew construction can mean either that she instructs faithfully that her instruction springs from her faithfulness to relationships, cf Pv or that she instructs faithfulness how to act faithfully in relationships.

She is not a lazy sluggard. She epitomizes the diligence extolled in Proverbs. Whereas diligence stresses constancy, shrewdness stresses intuitive sound judgment. From the quality of shrewdness, we note her forthsight, her astute intuition in practical matters, and her determined initiative. We note too her foresight and the prizing of her resources.

The results are wealth, enough to share, and enough to laugh at the future, and praise vv Even the eshet-chayil is sinful Pv and subject to human error. God does what he wills, as we know from the case of Job Job , The purpose of an ideal is not to discourage us but rather to furnish us with a goal.

What then is our goal? To grow in the character qualities of the eshet-chayil : her determination, her trustworthiness, her shrewdness and initiative, her diligence, foresight, and the prizing of her resources. The virtuous woman is the one who possesses these qualities. CBE advances the gospel by equipping Christians to use their God-given talents in leadership and service regardless of gender, ethnicity, or class.

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